Type XII - Caeder - Spiritual Personality
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Caeder Type XII

You have the Caeder Type!

Congratulations! Caeder means visionary or prophet. You are the visionary of the world, someone who sees beyond what is currently true, to what can be, to the deeper truth.

Special talents: The ability to see beyond the limitations of the present, to the deeper truth of the spiritual realm, and to what can be and what should be.
Challenges: In a sense, the visionary sees the future clearer than the present. It can be hard to fit into the world the way it is, since you can easily see how things could work better.
Career issues: Often, the biggest challenge is to not get stuck, to be in a position where you can continue to innovate.

Relationship issues: A frequent concern is finding a partner who moves as quickly as you do.
Emotional issues: On the positive side, joy, even elation and ecstasy, come very easily. On the negative side, it is very easy to get frustrated with anything that doesnʼt work as well as it should, and what works as well as it should?
Spiritual role: By seeing what is coming, you help to make it possible, to make it something that people can imagine, then want, then create. Spiritual quests often come very easy, it is more the integration with daily life that is the challenge.

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