Type XI - Obaculer - Spiritual Personality
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Obaculer Type XI

You have the Obaculer Type!

Congratulations! Obaculer means the oracle. You are the visionary voice for the people of the planet, the one who can see the deep truth contained in othersʼ hearts, and in speaking it, helps it to become manifest.

Special talents:The ability to see a story of forgiveness, redemption and triumph in the most usual, mundane and seemingly hopeless situations; the ability to see where someone is headed, even when they canʼt.
Challenges: Perhaps the best evidence of cultural decline is the fact that ancient cultures nearly worshipped the oracles, and current societies generally forget that there are some alive and well right now. People may pull you into more than seeing where they could go; oracles arenʼt meant to make people get there, just give them the map.
Career issues: Since people donʼt expect to find an oracle in their midst, they may mistrust or even dispute your gifts. It can be challenging to find your niche, but when you do, you find that those gifts are more in demand now than ever.

Relationship issues: It is a little weird for most partners that you can see around corners. You donʼt need an adoring groupie or a doubting realist; you need someone who gets you.
Emotional issues: On the positive side, you can feel soaring positive emotion, when feelings take wings. On the negative side, the current state of affairs can lead you to feel lost, to doubt your own vision.
Spiritual role: The oracle sees and speaks the deep stories contained in peopleʼs paths, weaving wisdom and growth out of poetry.

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