Type X - Salumer - Spiritual Personality
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Salumer Type X

You have the Salumer Type!

Congratulations! Salumer means the shaman. You are the healing force in the planet, the one who not only heals illness but creates health in all realms.

Special talents: The ability to see blockages and confusion, and to help others to find a path through and beyond them.
Challenges: The main ill on the planet is forgetting deep truth, and it can be overwhelming. You donʼt have to heal the whole thing by tomorrow.
Career issues: The healer doesnʼt just have medical talents, because the shaman really sees the path from blockage to movement, a path that occurs in all systems, not just the body. The biggest career challenge is people mistrusting or being jealous of your gifts.

Relationship issues: There is a danger in falling in love with someone who seems as though they will become great under your care. Your job in relationships is to find your equal, not someone who can benefit from your healing.
Emotional issues: On the positive side, you can feel great release and relief with your many epiphanies and realizations. On the negative side, be careful not to take in too much of othersʼ suffering and pain — it is not yours.
Spiritual role: The shaman brings forth life and joy from death and suffering.

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