Type VIII - Arahter - Spiritual Personality
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Arahter Type VIII

You have the Arahter Type!

Congratulations! Arahter means the leader of inspiration. You inspire the planet, the one who advances clarity when others are lost.

Special talents: The ability to help others see the truth and find a path.
Challenges:People thrive on and desperately need inspiration, and yet they tend to see it as suspect, as perhaps not fully true. Hold your truth, and let them prove it to themselves. Donʼt let their doubts lead you to lose faith.
Career issues: Companies spend millions sending executives to high-powered inspirational speeches. They may fail to recognize the fountains of inspiration in the home office. Try to find a path in which your inspiration circles back to you, donʼt waste your breath.

Relationship issues:People are attracted to inspiration, find a partner who feeds your soul, too.
Emotional issues:On the positive side, you are the laughter person in the group. There is nothing better. On the negative side, even a little loss of faith is devastating to someone who inspires others. Take your time in addressing it, refining it, and finding new faith.
Spiritual role: The inspirer ignites the breath, bringing truth and movement to dead air.

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