Type VII - Ediamer - Spiritual Personality
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Ediamer Type VII

You have the Ediamer Type!

Congratulations! Ediamer means finding the ideal. You are the idealist of the planet, the one who holds the truth when others are lost.

Special talents: The ability to find and hold profound and yet simple truths and make them work every day.
Challenges: Your idealism is not silly or naive, but there still is a danger that it will appear that the world has proven you wrong, that the ideal isnʼt true. Donʼt be too sure, the ideal often disappears in order to appear again, stronger and with a new name.
Career issues: The naive idealist finds nothing ever good enough, but you keep making things better, holding yourself to an ideal that never needs to be written down in your job description. Forgive the pun, but you tend to be an ideal employee, so find a job you like.

Relationship issues:Relationships defy the rules of other aspects of daily life, and so they generally are an area of great joy for you. Just remember that the ideal of a relationship isnʼt a picture or a goal, but a state of being that changes and then changes again.
Emotional issues:On the positive side, you find great joy in the progress of anyone in just about anything. On the negative side, even experienced and wise idealists find it deeply sad when people abandon their beliefs for short-term gain.
Spiritual role: The idealist holds the candle, keeping the faith.

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