Type VI - Terraker - Spiritual Personality
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Terraker Type VI

You have the Terraker Type!

Congratulations! Terraker means the one lover of the Earth. You are the Earth lover of the group, the one who can be grounded when everyone else is up in the air.

Special talents: The ability to ground your experience, to be be able to show up in a real and loving manner on a daily basis in arenas that other people find to be abstract.
Challenges: Being grounded works with vision, but if you lose your ability to see deeply, you can start to lose meaning in your daily life.
Career issues: Being both cool and sensible makes you a great asset at work. Youʼre so good at it that there is some danger in getting lost in the routine.

Relationship issues: Relationships generally come easy to you, so your challenges are sort of opposite of many peoplesʼ. You need to know how to choose among good choices, and to steer clear of false magic that may excite, but isnʼt real.
Emotional issues: For the most part, youʼre easy going, and you may wonder why other people fuss so much. Easy going is very cool, but be sure to process strong emotions when they arise; what is strong for you may appear to be subtle to other people around you.
Spiritual role: The Earth lover, through the clarity of daily action, feeds the world.

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