Type V - Perfizer - Spiritual Personality
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Perfizer Type V

You have the Perfizer Type!

Congratulations! Perfizer means the one who achieves the perfect. You are the achiever of the planet, the person who can get things done when others are lost or in chaos.

Special talents: The ability to know what needs to happen, how to do it and to find the way to its completion.
Challenges: Perfection seems achievable until you start to define it. You may get lost in believing youʼre not doing well enough when youʼre doing great. The perfect is in the doing, not in the product.
Career issues: It may feel as though everything falls to you, that youʼre the only one who does anything. It isnʼt true, but try to find a situation in which your actions lead to clear completion that matters to you.

Relationship issues: Relationships arenʼt like most other things, and there can be moments when, uncharacteristically, you donʼt know what to do or even feel a bit lost. Be clear about your feelings and focus less on some future outcome, ride the wave.
Emotional issues: On the positive side, you get things done and feel great along the way. On the negative side, you can feel angry about the way things are done by other people and by groups. Be clear about what could be better, and then let it go. It only looks like the world is getting worse — the better part is still a bit hidden.
Spiritual role: The achiever shows how it is done, revealing the mystery of how to move effectively in a planet that often forgets.

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