Type IX - Devaier - Spiritual Personality
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Devaier Type IX

You have the Devaier Type!

Congratulations! Devaier means the artist. You are the creative force in the planet, the one who not only creates beauty but change itself.

Special talents: The ability to create and create and create, to come up with new things when others are convinced it is impossible.
Challenges: It can be frustrating to be on a slow-moving planet. More importantly, creative “blocks” happen when you take othersʼ ideas of what is good too seriously. Creation is not meant to be judged, no volcano ever stopped to ask anyone if the lava is pretty.
Career issues: Creativity is in such demand, and is so rare, that people often donʼt recognize it when it is right in front of them. Try to find a path in which your creativity is rewarded rather than frustrated.

Relationship issues:There is a certain aloneness to the creative process. You can and will have relationships, and embrace them, knowing that there is also time to create.
Emotional issues: On the positive side, you probably are the funniest, wittiest person in the group. You see a movie in every event, and can write it live. On the negative side, the world moves slow in comparison to your creative streak, the mismatch can lead to sadness.
Spiritual role: The artist brings forth the new, creating what has never before been imagined.

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