Type IV - Marraker - Spiritual Personality
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Marraker Type IV

You have the Marraker Type!

Congratulations! Marraker means the leader of the realm of the Earth. You are the organizer of the planet, the person who can bring loving order to the worldsʼ chaos through true leadership.

Special talents: The ability to find order in chaos, and to help others to see and follow that path.
Challenges: Organization isnʼt universal, and you may find that you let some things go when you focus on others. Sometimes, it is the soft, understated things that can get lost.
Career issues: It may feel as though you are one of the only people that seems to get things done, and that you are the leader even if they donʼt pay you to do that. Try to find a niche where it works.

Relationship issues: Try to lay down the leadership role in relationships — you also are a great listener, and listening has more mileage in relationships than leading.
Emotional issues: On the positive side, you are someone who can celebrate success with great grace and fullness. On the negative side, it is very easy to get frustrated with the lack of movement of most people and organizations.
Spiritual role: The Earth organizer helps people to move, to create order and satisfaction from chaos and confusion.

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