Type III - Lyremer - Spiritual Personality
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Lyremer Type III

You have the Lyremer Type!

Congratulations! Lyremer means the person who finds the true line. You are the architect of the world, someone who creates clear solutions and corrects misconceptions.

Special talents: The ability to make things work, to choose among chaotic options and find an orderly, elegant solution.
Challenges: Your ability to focus can lead you to focus too closely on some things and to lose the big picture. Smell the roses.
Career issues: People may resent that you can resolve what they canʼt. It is often hard for leaders to believe that you donʼt want their jobs.

Relationship issues: You may find that you address the softer, bigger issues through picking a partner who lives there. Thatʼs fine, but find a way to bridge communication, since you live in different worlds.
Emotional issues: On the positive side, you enjoy challenges and derive satisfaction from making things better. On the negative side, you can become cynical, frustrated with the lack of progress that organizations make.
Spiritual role: The architect makes the world work, breathing life into machines, concepts and organizations.

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