Type II - Vayater - Spiritual Personality
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Vayater Type II

You have the Vayater Type!

Congratulations! Vayater means organizer of the realm of the sky. You are the visionary problem-solver of the world, someone who finds unseen ways through the thicket, who solves problems of limitation and darkness with visions of expansion and light.

Special talents: The ability to bring deep vision into action, to bring deep truth to real world problems and to make it count.
Challenges: Others share your recognition of the problems, but not your ability to see the unseen “big picture” answer. They may thus believe that your ideas are impractical or unlikely.
Career issues: The combination of problem-solving and deep vision is rare, so you may find yourself valued for one or the other, but not the combination.

Relationship issues: It is easy to pick relationships that have problems for you to solve, rather than to find those that feed your soul.
Emotional issues: On the positive side, you find great joy in even small successes, and can see positive movement that others canʼt grasp. On the negative side, it is very easy to get frustrated with the way that many people and organizations canʼt see how their problem-solving is often more problem-creating.
Spiritual role: The visionary organizer makes the dream real, brings the vision into daily life.

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