Type I - Zabater - Spiritual Personality
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Zabater Type I

I’m the Zabater Type!

Congratulations! Zabater means leader of the realm of the sky. You are the visionary leader of the world, someone who can bring new insight and growth to the people.

Special talents: The ability to integrate deep vision into action, to bring truth to people and to help get them excited and organized around it.
Challenges: In our current world, much of leadership is about details and minor conflicts. Your strengths lie more in the big picture, and the little stuff can get you down.
Career issues: Often, the biggest challenge is to find a situation where your leadership skills are recognized and respected.

Relationship issues: A frequent concern is being able to create an equal relationship since leadership tends to come so easy to you.
Emotional issues: On the positive side, you are someone who can celebrate success with great grace and fullness. On the negative side, it is very easy to get frustrated with the lack of movement of most people and organizations.
Spiritual role: The visionary leader brings the people to the promised land, to greater achievement and balance.

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