Frequently Asked Questions - Spiritual Personality
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a spiritual personality?

Spiritual personalities are different types of approaches to the world, and to spiritual inquiry. We believe that people are different in their approach to things, and that knowing those differences can help us to make our way.

Is my spiritual personality the same as my personality in other tests?

This test has some basis in other approaches to types of personality, but it is mostly new. We don’t use much of the same terminology as older tests. You may find some agreement with other measures of personality, but we hope that you find  our results to be both surprising and true.

How many spiritual personality types are there?

We have developed twelve spiritual personality types.

What are the personality types?

Our types are:

  • I Zabater, the visionary leader
  • II Vayater, the visionary problem-solver
  • III Lyremer, the architect
  • IV Marraker, the organizer
  • V Perfizer, the achiever
  • VI Terraker, the Earth lover
  • VII Ediamer, the idealist
  • VIII Arahter, the inspirer
  • IX Devaier, the artist
  • X Salumer, the shaman
  • XI Obaculer, the oracle
  • XII Caeder, the visionary
What is the origin of the names of the personality types?

The names are derived from ancient languages including Sanskrit, Ancient Greek, Latin, Ancient Hebrew and Aramaic. Many of the names represent a combination of roots from more than one ancient language.

How can I learn more about the personality types?

As this site develops, there will be more information about each of the types and about the development of the system.

Is this system based on a religion?

The system is based on information gleaned from all of the major spiritual traditions, but it is nondenominational. Our intention is for the information here to not conflict with any form of spiritual belief. You may have to translate some words or concepts, but we have tried to make it as universal as we can.

If you have any questions or concerns that were not covered in this frequently asked questions section. Please feel free to contact us at