About Us - Spiritual Personality
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About Us

What is Spiritual Personality?


Spiritual Personality represents a new system of understanding ourselves, based on a number of spiritual traditions. Most personality systems start with your habits, your thoughts and behavior. These systems, in a sense, take a photo of you on your worst days, and define you from there.


Spiritual Personality is based on a different approach. It is as if we took a photo of you on your best day, when you felt very comfortable in who you are, in where you are going, in why you’re here. Spiritual Personality is based on the idea that personality springs forth from spiritual purpose. It is designed to be a help in finding out who you can be.

Who is Drew Ross?


Drew Ross, M.D., developed the spiritual personality types from nearly twenty years of work in psychiatry and spiritual personality. In working with people on spiritual growth, he began to see that people often tried to fit themselves into spiritual practices and patterns that didn’t work for them. Over time, he began to see some patterns fit into types that could be helpful.


Dr. Ross was educated at Johns Hopkins, Jefferson Medical College, University of North Carolina and Harvard.