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Your spiritual personality type relates to what works for
you, in your career, in relationships and in everything else.

You feel different, you act different, you have different opinions. Has anybody made sense of that? Has anybody divided us up into groups based on our core beliefs, our approach to the world? Is there a system of understanding why what works for one person doesn’t work for another? Is there a system relevant to work, to love, even to spiritual growth?

This site is based on twenty years of work on spiritual development by a board-certified psychiatrist. After answering about twenty-five questions, you are given one of twelve different spiritual types. You may finally connect what works in your life with what is difficult, why some people get you and why some are clueless. You’ll have something to call yourself besides different and cool, and they will have something to call you besides weird or whatever. Give it a try. Then ask your friends to find out.